Lover’s Tea Zone Home of the tasteful shaken’ milk tea indulgence that offers both quality and affordable goodness.

In 2008, Lover’s Tea Zone was the first in Asia to strategically introduce a buy 1 take 1 milk tea concept in the Philippines. Design as a milk tea food cart model, which can often be seen in various malls, schools and supermarkets. Inspiration derive from the love of pearl milk tea, is the reason that Lover’s Tea Zone crafted unique line- up of shaken’ milk tea flavors that suits Filipino Palette. Lover’s Tea Zone is the first to create a SHAKEN” milk tea concept that is truly Filipino.The unparalleled quality and taste slowly became the favorite of many, and in that same year, from one outlet, became two, then four, and then eight and in 2014, the total count has now 40 growing outlets and counting! And from a food cart, to a kiosk, then became a booth, and now a shop modeled theme.

Lover’s Tea Zone believes in value for money, and value of quality taste. That is why we take pride in giving the customers affordable and tasteful milk tea products without compromising taste and quality. Serving only freshly brewed tea, and finest ingredients were infused to make our signature milk tea drinks. Incomparably, Lover’s Tea Zone take pride in giving our customers only the best shaken’ milk tea ever!